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Fun and Effective Violin Practise Routine for Beginners


Starting to learn the violin is like going on a thrilling musical adventure. But like any journey, it needs planning. If you're new to the violin, making a practice plan is super important. Let's dive into a cool plan that'll lead you through your violin journey, which is full of fun and learning!Begin with Warm-UpsBefore you begin playing your violin, it's crucial to prepare your body and instrument for a successful practise session. Start by focusing on your body position: sit or stand comfortably with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Position the violin securely under your chin, ensuring it feels [...]

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Practise Habits of Successful Violin Player


Effective practice is essential for musicians, especially when tackling the complexity of the violin. While dedicating time is crucial, the true value lies in the quality, not only quantity, of practice hours. This requires a deliberate and purposeful approach, identifying specific areas for improvement and implementing systematic strategies to address weaknesses. The journey of mastering the violin involves refining techniques, perfecting intonation, and enhancing musicality through targeted and intentional practise. This article serves as a guide to elevate the proficiency of violinists, emphasising the importance of a mindful and deliberate practice regimen to unlock the instrument's full potential and derive maximum [...]

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