Other instruments that we teach

The London Piano Institute

Excellent piano lessons for adults provided in a non-judgmental environment

Conveniently located in both Marylebone and the City of London, The London Piano Institute is the most suitable piano academy for adults who either want to learn how to play or improve their skills with highly qualified and experienced piano teachers.

Whether you want to play classical, jazz or pop music, you will benefit from the highest piano education offered in a relaxed environment entirely dedicated to amateur pianists.

The London Singing Institute

Quintessential singing lessons for all singing lovers

Have you always wanted to sing on tune, improve your voice and be proud of it?

At The London Singing Institute, you are welcome to study a large variety of styles that includes rock, pop, jazz, blues, soul, opera, classical and musical theatre. Attend our fantastic vocal lessons for adults whatever the genre you are interested in and the level you are at.

The London Guitar Institute

London’s finest guitar lessons

We welcome adults from all walk of life to join The London Guitar Institute, whether they are absolute beginners or proficient guitarists.

All our guitar lessons are offered in a fantastic atmosphere and are provided by top-notch guitarists who have a passion for passing their remarkable knowledge on.

Study all guitar styles: electric, acoustic, jazz and classical.

The London Cello Institute

Fantastic cello lessons for adults offered by outstanding cello instructors

The cello is one of the most exquisite and beautiful instrument.

At The London Cello Institute, we welcome all adults whether they have never touched a cello or are already proficient amateur cellists.

Whatever your current ability, our lovely instructors will be delighted to guide and support you throughout your musical journey.

London Drum Institute

London’s finest drum lessons

Are you interested in learning to play the drums? Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced drummer, we have excellent drum lessons tailored to your needs.

Our dedicated drum instructors are passionate about teaching and are committed to helping you achieve your musical goals.

With the London Drum Institute located in the City of London, you can embark on a musical journey and discover the fascinating world of drumming.