November 26, 2020

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Founder of The London Violin Institute, Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a concert musician and one of the world’s leading expert on music education for adults.

The violin is a lovely instrument that enchants a large number of music enthusiasts around the world. Its beauty and elegance are evident. It is often synonymous of melancholy and refinement. Bach, Mozart and Paganini have extensively written for the violin, but several less-known composers such as Kreisler have also composed exquisite and charming pieces.

My relationship with it

I have been surrounded by the sound of this beautiful instrument all my life as my father is a proficient amateur violinist. I have grown up with Sarasate Zigeunerweisen, Schubert sonatas and Thais Meditation to only name a few. As a pianist myself, I have been his “personal accompanist” since my childhood, and I have always enjoyed our duet performances tremendously. As my father is interested in all music genres, he has also introduced me to the fantastic arrangements of Astor Piazzola’s tangos among other South American pieces and composers.

String quartet

Amateur violinists

Thanks to my father’s passion, I have met countless amateur violinists either at our residence where he used to have rehearsals with his string quartet or at other locations where the chamber music orchestra he was part of was performing. My father is still playing the violin at the age of 73, and I can witness that this enriching activity brings a lot of joy into his life. He still practises daily, and he is still very interested in discovering new pieces of the repertoire that he has not tackled yet.

Starting your violin education as an adult

As I have just demonstrated, playing the violin as a hobby is wonderful. It is undoubtedly a very noble activity that will enrich your life tremendously.

If you are new to music and you have never played a musical instrument before, you can, however, be a bit sceptical about the possibility to learn as an adult. Despite your profound desire of playing your favourite violin pieces, you might be worried to embark on such a journey and perhaps even scared not to be able to produce a beautiful sound out of the instrument. You might have heard so many beginners struggling with tuning and tone quality that you wonder if you should not give up your deepest dream.

Your feelings are understandable as learning a new skill as an adult is never easy. Children do not wonder. They do not ask questions. They learn a bit more every day and rip the fruits of their labour. It takes as long as it takes, and they are not worried about it.

Why not envisaging to look at violin playing with children’s eyes and being pleasantly surprised a few years down the line?

I believe that if the profound desire of becoming a proficient amateur violinist is burning inside you, you are consistent in your practice and never give up, you will undoubtedly be successful.

Playing the violin beautifully is similar to any other skills. It requires work and persistence as well as the support of an expert who can guide you throughout the learning process.


Studying with an excellent violin teacher

The greatest violinists would not have had such a brilliant career if they did not have the privilege to study with outstanding violin teachers who could show them the best techniques. They also had to learn and practise correctly to express themselves in such an extraordinary manner in the world’s most famous concert halls.

Your violin teacher plays an essential role in your violin education. Selecting him/her correctly is, therefore, of the utmost importance.

I have regularly seen my father being astonished by the advice given by professional violinists. He would often say “It would have been so much easier if I would have known this technique earlier!” or “This passage would have been so much easier to play if I would have had the correct fingerings”.

The London Violin Institute

I have founded The London Violin Institute with violin enthusiasts in mind and selecting the right violin teachers was imperative. You might not realise it if you have not started your violin education yet, but the difference between a good and a bad instructor is colossal. You have, however, possibly experienced it in other fields. Learning from an outstanding teacher could make you love a subject that you are not particularly interested in, while a bad teacher could put you off a topic that you used to like very much.

A good instructor will be inspiring and will surely help you climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest seas. He/she will be able to find the right words when you need some support and provide the necessary encouragement.

I am pleased to say that thanks to our unparalleled understanding of adult amateur violinists and our vast experience in the field of adult violin education, we can provide you with the most excellent violin lessons. We completely understand what your goals are and where you are coming from. We know that you want to play the violin for pleasure and that you are not looking for perfection. However, you still intend to play beautifully and possess a good technique that will allow you to perform some of your favourite pieces of the repertoire.

Music schools and colleges are usually reserved for children or future professional musicians. At The London Violin Institute, we aim to offer you a unique platform where you could study in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment, without any pressure or deadline. We wish you to look forward to each of your violin lessons and leave with a smile on your face. Our violin lessons are indeed from the highest quality, but we also want to ensure that you enjoy your studies and that the love of music and pleasure are never left aside.

Violin student

Beginning your violin studies

If you have read this article entirely, it is surely because you are interested in beginning your violin studies.

As a keen violin enthusiast, you are most welcome to join The London Violin Institute and benefit from a violin instruction for adults that is equal to none.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have.

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