You will increase your creativity

Playing the violin is exceptionally creative since you are required to use your imagination when working on the interpretation of a violin piece. Pure technical skills are essential but performing without adding feelings and emotions is not sufficient.

By playing the violin, you will learn how to understand the intentions of the various composers and develop your sense of artistry.

You will gain confidence

The process that leads to performing a violin piece beautifully will help you increase your confidence drastically. Each violin piece is different and will require a specific study. After putting the time and effort, you will surely rip the fruits of your hard work. It is gratifying, and it will help you gain confidence to see the fantastic results.

The same scenario will occur on a more general level. Even if your violin instructor provides you with support and guidance, you will still be responsible for your delightful performances.

You will develop your memory

A great memory is necessary for violin playing.

Beginners will develop their memory when learning the music notation but also when building their knowledge of the instrument. Unlike the piano, the music notes are not clearly defined on the violin neck so you will have to remember where the notes are located to play in tune. Your muscles will also develop their own memory when studying technical exercises.

Besides, memorising violin pieces for better performances will be necessary. It is fine to follow the score while performing but playing by heart will increase your sensitivity and therefore enhance the beauty of your performance.

You will improve your social skills

Violinists rarely play on their own, unless they are performing some solo works. You have probably noticed that they mostly perform in a chamber music setting or orchestra.

By playing the violin, you will be introduced to other musicians. Having to play along them will be a fantastic opportunity to improve your social and listening skills.

When playing in a group format, musicians must listen to the part played by their partners and also discuss interpretation ideas to ensure that their performance is harmonious.

What a constructive way to improve your social skills!

You will discover and understand the world of music

When studying violin playing at The London Violin Institute, you will not only practise exquisite violin pieces, but you will also discover world’s renowned violinists as well as the works of the composers who have written for the violin.

Your instructor will surely help you discover other composers, music genres and musicians to help you expand your musical knowledge and culture.

You will stay young cognitively

Violin playing is quite intricate as it requires both your physical and intellectual capacities at the same time. You will also have to use several parts of your brain simultaneously.

While playing the violin, you will need to think about your general posture, hand positions, technical aspects and the piece you are playing as well as its interpretation.

Playing the violin will surely help you improve your multitasking skills!

You will meet like-minded violin lovers

At The London Violin Institute, we often host musical evenings and students’ concerts for you to meet like-minded violin lovers.

By attending your violin lessons at our lovely premises in the City of London, you will also surely meet other amateur violinists who share the same passion.

By spending time with your violin instructor weekly, you will learn about their own experience and background. What an amazing privilege to be so close to a concert violinist!

You will be playing your favourite pieces

As a violin lover, you might surely know Brahms violin concerto, Franck sonata for violin and piano and Paganini caprices.

Wouldn’t be fantastic to start playing your favourite pieces whenever you feel like it?

Instead of having to listen to the interpretation of other violinists, you could now express yourself, and add your personal feeling into the pieces that you like the most.

It simply does not get better than that!

You will relieve stress

Violin playing is an activity which will undoubtedly take you to another world and help you relieve the tension accumulated in your professional life.

Also, the complexity of this art requires excellent focus and concentration. You can be assured to forget any trouble you may have.

You might come slightly stressed to your violin lesson, but you will surely leave with a smile on your face.

You will encourage your children to play the violin and help them learn

Wouldn’t be fantastic to know how to play the violin and be able to help your children should they wish to learn as well?

Unfortunately, most children who learn a musical instrument do not have the privilege to be supported by their parents. Wouldn’t you feel incredibly proud to be able to help them in their endeavour?

Besides, there is nothing more enjoyable than playing duets with your loved one. Playing the violin will offer you this immense opportunity.

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